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Are You Ready for Steve Cook To Show You How to Build a Body of Greatness?

Get an Inside Look on the Program that Steve used to get in UNbelievable shape for Mr. Olympia


BIG is so much more than a 1-time program… BIG is about Building Greatness and helping you find success in every aspect of your life

Take a look…


BIG: Building Greatness

Sunny Stuart

Age: 30

Body Fat: 19% Before / 11% After
Deadlift: 145lb Before / 350lb After
Bench: 165lb Before / 235lb After

After my back surgery, I needed something next-level to get me back into amazing shape. Before I started the program I could only deadlift around 145 LBS due to extreme atrophy for a year of not working out. The movements helped strengthen my core and help me during my recovery. I am now easily repping out 315 and feel amazing with no back pain. Most people complain that they don’t get results, but spend 30 minutes in the gym jumping from machine to machine doing 3 sets of 10.

This completely derails that and makes you bust your ass!

BIG: Building Greatness

 Chris Hing

Age: 26

I needed a change. I found myself just going through the motions at the gym every day and because of that, I wasn’t seeing results. Just 4 weeks in, I lost a solid 4% body fat and gained 3lbs of muscle. 8 weeks in now, and I’ve set PRs in my back squat, front squat, bench press, and pull ups. But more important than all of that: I feel great! I know that I am fitter now, than I have ever been before.

1. Easy to follow program design
2. Ability to cater the nutrition guidelines to my specific goals
3. Teambuilder made it really easy to track workouts

I’ve tried several different “cookie-cutter” programs off of various websites. BIG is not one of them. I can tell that a lot of time and effort was put into each day’s programming.

BIG is designed to maximize your time in the gym to help you build as much muscle as possible.

Here’s How We Are Going To Get You BIGGER and STRONGER…

What’s Different:

We focus on the growth of type II muscle fibers. Fast twitch (type II) muscle fibers are fibers that produce the most force and contract very quickly.

Luckily, these are the fibers with the most growth potential as well.

The best ways to tap into these fibers are:

  • Slow Eccentric training puts you under the bar for a longer period of time with greater percentages of your 1 rep max. Time under tension at heavy loads is the name of the game if you are trying to grow. This causes more damage to the muscle and allows more potential for growth. The muscle is built back bigger and stronger.
  • Training at Maximal loads forces you to tap into fast twitch muscle fibers. You must tap into these fibers to move the weight! Heavy weight trains your central nervous system to engage fast twitch fibers, allowing them to grow and increasing strength.
  • Dynamic effort and ballistic training are also ways to tap into these fibers. To be strong you must have a well developed central nervous system. You must be able to elicit the response of fast twitch fibers on command! This type of training is another way to get strong without putting a heavy barbell on your back. You must know when to incorporate these movements not only during the week, but during your training session to benefit from this type of training.
  • Training to complete failure in the correct rep range. You must train to failure in a rep range that is proven to get the muscle to grow. Also, this is where getting stronger comes into play. If you can bench 315 for 10 and your buddy can only bench 255 for 10, your chance for muscle growth is significantly higher than his.
BIG: Building Greatness

Each day you will have a customized workout targeting specific muscle groups and focusing on Hypertrophy training.

You must have a plan going into the gym to see the best results. Even better is having a plan giving you every detail you need to know. Explosion, strength, hypertrophy, and muscle endurance are all training tools that need to be exercised. You need to follow a plan using all these tools, and know when to implement them throughout a training session. Just as important is knowing when to use them over a span of weeks and months.

Here’s What’s Waiting Inside For You….

A Comprehensive Training Program To Build Your Physique

BIG: Building Greatness

Join in the Big Community

  • Learn from those who have done the program
  • Ask your questions and share feedback
  • Post inspiring progress
  • Support others and grow together

Watch Videos and Master the Technique for each lift and movement.

BIG: Building Greatness

Gain Insights and Learn Exclusive Tips and Tricks Steve has learned along the way

  • How to target specific muscle groups
  • Unique workouts to strengthen weaker areas of the body
  • Stretching and warm-up MUST DOs

Learn Philosophy about WHY BIG Works and How it Can Work For You

Understand the Science and Research behind the program

BIG: Building Greatness

PLUS… Weekly Check-ins and Accountability

  • Learn what it means to be accountable from your expert trainer and coach
  • How to set goals that are attainable and achievable
  • Gain insights and have questions answered
BIG: Building Greatness

Meet the Trainers BEHIND BIG

BIG: Building Greatness


Steve Cook is one of the most recognizable faces in the Fitness Industry. He is best noted for being an IFBB pro Men’s Physique Competitor, Optimum Nutrition and Spokes Model, international fitness personality as well as the founder of Swoldier Nation. Playing football for Dixie State College and earning a BS degree in Integrated Studies (Biology/Psychology) gave Steve the foundation and experience to achieve a successful career in competitive bodybuilding. Steve has always excelled in fitness, winning the Muscle and Fitness Male Model Search, FitBody Contest, BodySpace Spokesmodel Search, and then moving on to become the 3rd person EVER to obtain his Men’s Physique Pro Card, 1st EVER Men’s Physique Competitor to qualify for the Mr. Olympia, and much more.

BIG: Building Greatness


Michael is best known for his competitive Crossfit career, in which he competed at the Crossfit Games 3 years in a row. In 2012 and 2013, his team won the World Championship becoming the only team to do so back to back. Cazayoux started his coaching career at Southern Utah University where he was a strength and conditioning coach for the football, gymnastics, soccer, and track and field teams. Following his time at SUU, he assisted with multiple teams at Louisiana State University, working with future MLB and NFL players. Michael has worked with Olympians, Crossfit Games athletes, and everything in between. He is also CSCS, USAW, FMS certified and is writing his Master’s Thesis in Sports Performance and Conditioning.

BIG: Building Greatness


Jake was named a freshman All-American as he played for the Utah State Aggies. After being courted by every single NFL team, he became plagued by foot injuries. After having surgery on BOTH feet, he lost the opportunity to play in the NFL. In his pro day, he weighed 250 lbs. was about 7% bodyfat, ran a 4’5? 40 yard dash, bench pressed 225lbs for 48 reps (3 short of the all time record), and jumped over 40?. A freak. After that he started his coaching career at Southern Utah University, where he worked with football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and track and field teams. Jake is also CSCS, USAW, FMS certified and is writing his Master’s Thesis in Sports Performance and Conditioning. His specialty is in hypertrophy (muscle gain) and fat loss.



What makes a good program is sticking to it. Most programs mistakenly assume way too many things about you.

They assume:

  • You are 100% dedicated all the time and have no job, family or other hobbies
  • You know how/what to eat to get the results you want
  • You understand when and how to recover from training
  • Nothing will occur in your life that would interfere with training

We get it – things come up, sh*t happens.
We’ve developed a comprehensive system of accountability paired with a training guide that allows you to see the best results, while still being able to live your life.
BIG is the product of a collective 50+ years in the fitness industry. Compared to most “bodybuilding” or other programs, BIG creates a balanced regime of heavy movements, agility training, mobility work and isolation movements.


  • Logical progression, structured specifically for your goals
  • Guidance and support through expert coaching and a solid community
  • Teaches you how to train and eat properly so that you can maintain the body you build
  • Removes all guesswork by providing a comprehensive program


Every single professional athlete, physique competitor and bodybuilder uses a well thought out, science-based approach to their training. What we’ve created is the aggregate of years of field-testing and research. This leaves you with no guesswork, knowing that we’ve tried dozens of methods with thousands of clients until we landed on the best one.
BIG is the hand selected training style consisting of all the methodology, exercises and programming I’ve used for years to achieve a great base physique before competing in bodybuilding.


A stronger muscle is a bigger muscle. This is especially true for a natural lifter. You must be constantly overloading the muscle to get it to adapt and grow. Going into the gym without a plan, chasing the pump and never getting stronger is a waste of your hard work. If you are using performance enhancing drugs, you might be able to get away with it. If you are a natural lifter, you must use training techniques scientifically proven to get you stronger and build muscle at the same time.

Your Journey Will Begin the exact same way THEIRS did!!!

BIG: Building Greatness

Name: Bill (Angelo) Caraan

I love the fact that you go through the program with a team of athletes who have the same goals as you and are always looking after you and your progress. Having a program with support and structure is important for those who really want to see a change, which I definitely have. I feel really good about my body and proud of myself. I feel like a superhero.

BIG: Building Greatness

Name: Jimmy Rose
Age: 24
Time with Big: 4/25/16 to 6/25/16 current

BIG is truly unique because not only do you get a choice of diet plans, but there is a system to what you’re doing and why you’re doing it and that’s something a lot of programs out there don’t have. I can honestly say the entire program is beneficial. BIG has brought me to a whole new level, so I’m on top of the world right now! I went from weighing 158 lbs. to 165 lbs. in 12 weeks. I feel great, I feel strong, I feel BIG.

BIG: Building Greatness

Name: Zack Dziadul
Age: 23
Time with BIG: 3 months

I have basic knowledge of nutrition, however I struggle finding a diet that will provide optimal performance and results for the type of physical output I am giving. It was extremely beneficial having a structured meal plan. I also really enjoyed being able to track my workouts and seeing the recommended weights update as I reached new PRs.

BIG: Building Greatness

Name: Kayla Bourgoin
Age: 25
Time with BIG: 12 weeks

working a field job. With this job I am so busy, on the road all the time, long days, on my feet some days in the forest for a good 17-20 kilometers some days. Staying motivated was always hard but I needed to keep in mind my goals. And that following this program has helped my stay reliable when times get rough.

Overall I have noticed my arms getting more vascular, people commenting on how I’m looking leaner. My bench has climbed hugely; I am at a PR of 165lbs hoping to hit a new PR after the program! ??

I feel way more confident in my appearance and in my lifts.

BIG: Building Greatness

Name: Nathan Lamberton
Age: 25
Time with Big: 9 weeks

I succeed in programs that make me accountable for my actions and I felt like BIG was going to do just that.

Not only was there a way to track my workouts, but also there were ways to track my meals and my progress. Seeing where I started and how I evolved throughout the program fed my hunger to stick with every aspect of the program.

I gained about 5 pounds of lean muscle on this program, which may seem modest, but I know I also dropped fat. I feel stronger, yet more agile. My endurance was really quite laughable prior to the program but now I am back close to PR mile time.

In my profession of pharmacy, I am always helping my patients to identify unhealthy habits and improve these daily habits through not only medications, but also food and exercise to ultimately lead healthier lives. I find motivation in knowing that whatever can be done today, can be improved on tomorrow.

It really incorporated everything I value in training: strength, hypertrophy, agility, and endurance. Also, not to be overlooked was the great nutrition guidance I received. It was kind of a “pick your own adventure” with all of the different diet options available and I could tailor it to my personal dietary interests.

BIG: Building Greatness

Name: Sam Flik
Age: 19
Time with BIG: 12 weeks

I used to train 5 times a week without proper nutrition. So I wasn’t seeing much progression in strength and gaining muscle. Every training I was pushing myself but without the results I was hoping to get. Then I found the “BIG” program. I was really curious because I’m a big fan of Steve Cook. So I decided to join the “BIG” program.
BIG helped me solving my strength and muscle gain problem because, I learned my macro’s, what food I needed to eat to get my macro’s in, and because of the way you’re training with BIG. Every training is really intense, you have to push yourself every exercise again and again. Because of the training methods and nutrition I gained a lot of strength while losing fat and building muscle.What I liked the most of BIG are the workouts and the Facebook community because, everyone gets motivated by each other, once you tell everyone you hit a PR or you don’t feel like workout out that day. Everyone tries to motivate you even though we don’t know each other.

BIG: Building Greatness

Name: Jeremy Palavecino
Body Fat: 15% Before / 8% After

While doing BIG I lost 10 pounds, going from 217 pounds down to 210 pounds, all while retaining my strength. My body fat went from roughly 15% down to about 8%. My PR’s I was able to hit and retain on the program were a 365 lb. Bench Press, 325 lb. Incline Bench Press, 370 lb. Front Squat, 430 lb. Squat, and 505 lb. Sumo Deadlift. Retaining the strength while losing the weight is what I found most impressive. I now feel much more confident about myself, and this program has actually given me the confidence to start preparing to step on stage for the first time. I plan to compete sometime early next year.

Start BIG Today

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  • BIG Programming ($149/month value)
  • Performance and progress tracking through programming software ($69/month value)
  • BIG Philosophy ($29 value)
  • BIG Program Itinerary ($29 value)
  • Exclusive tip and trick videos for training and nutrition ($39/month value)
  • Nutrition Worksheet We set you up with customized macro guidelines - exactly how much to eat (This does not include continued monitoring or tracking of progress) ($129 value)
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What is the difference between BIG and LEAN?
Can I switch from BIG to LEAN or vice-versa?

Yes, you can switch between the two at anytime by emailing

What diet should I choose?

You can find the diet plans here. There you will be able to read all of the information about each plan, including guidelines to figure out which diet plan will be the best fit for you.

Can I change my diet plan after I have already chosen one?

Yes, simply go back to the diet page and select a different diet plan.

Can I change/switch my package (Solo, Pro, Swoldier) after I have already chosen one?

Yes, email with your request to change/switch plans, and he will take care of it for you.

Are there technique videos explaining how to perform each exercise correctly?

Yes, if you click the exercise on your workout, you will see a place to input your numbers as well as a button that looks like a camera. If you click on the camera button, a video of the exercise will come up. There are also videos on your TeamBuildr dashboard explaining how to go through the workouts, including the giant sets.

Are there videos explaining how the workouts are structured?

There are videos on your TeamBuildr dashboard explaining how the workouts are structured.

How are the exercises grouped?

There are videos on your TeamBuildr dashboard explaining how the workouts are structured.

Do I have to follow one of the diet plans (War on Carbs, Get Lean, Lean and Mean, Big and Lean, Get Yoked) or can I follow my own diet plan?

You can do whatever you feel will work best for you. We offer these diet plans, as we have seen success with them, and designed them to go with these two programs specifically.

I have bad knees. Do I have to do the running?

You can bike, use an air dyne, elliptical, or whatever form of cardio you prefer.

Can I print out the workouts?

If you go to your TeamBuildr and click workouts, there will be a little button that looks like a printer in the top right corner. If you click the button it will give you the option to print either the day or the entire week of workouts.

Do I include the cheat meal (carb night) in the daily macros count?

The macros for the carb night are not included in the daily macros. Anything goes for carb night (4 hour window). No counting on carb night. It explains this in the diet plan description.

Are the payments per month or is it a one-time payment?

The payments are per month. The day of the month that you register and submit the first payment is the day of the month that you will be charged each following month. (ex. If you submit the first payment on April 24th , then the next charge will be on May 24th.)

When will I be charged each month?

The day of the month that you register and submit the first payment is the day of the month that you will be charged each following month. (ex. If you submit the first payment on April 24th , then the next charge will be on May 24th.)

Where do I find the workouts?

Your workouts will be posted on TeamBuildr. You can log in here to find your workouts. There will also be videos on your TeamBuildr dashboard explaining how the workouts are structured.

When will the workouts be posted for each week?

Every Sunday you will receive programming for the next 7 days (starting the day before your program begins). You will receive an email each morning at 1am PST with your workout for that day. If you want to see the programming for the entire week, login to TeamBuildr here.

Where do I find the nutrition plans?

HERE. This link is also in your welcome email along with your password to access the diet plans. The password is case sensitive and often won’t work if copy and pasted.

My gym is very busy. How should I do the supersets and giant sets if the machines are being used?

You can turn giant sets into supersets with machines that are really close to each other. You can modify it so that you are doing similar movements (working the same muscle group) but with dumbbells, barbells, another machine, etc. The exact exercise isn’t what is important, you just want to make sure you choose a movement that is working the same muscle group. The important part is that you are going near failure on whatever movement you are doing, maintaining proper form, and being strict with rest periods. You can do the same thing with super sets.

Will I still have access to the program after I have cancelled?

You will have access to the programming for 2 weeks after cancellation.

I forgot my login information for TeamBuildr. How can I reset my password?

You can reset your password by clicking here and typing in your email. You will then receive an email from TeamBuildr allowing you to reset your password.

What does AMAP mean?

As Many As Possible

What does AHAP mean?

As Heavy As Possible

Can I enter my weights in kilograms (KG) on TeamBuildr?

There is no function to switch the units from pounds to kilograms, but you can enter your weights in kilograms if that is easier for you. When you do this, your Maxes/PRs will not be comparable with others on the leaderboard though, because everything is recorded on TeamBuildr in pounds. If you would like to convert kilograms into pounds, just multiply by 2.2, as 1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds.

What does 4 count lower mean?

This is referring to the eccentric (lowering) portion of the lift. With bench press, you will slowly lower the weight to your chest, taking for 4 seconds to touch the weight to your chest. With Squats, the down portion will last for 4 seconds. With Curls, you will lower your arms, taking 4 seconds to reach full extension.

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