LEAN creates a balanced regime of Speed movements, agility, training, mobility work and isolation movements.



Progressive training designed to get you lean.


Flexible diet plans to compliment how you like to eat.


Assessment and correction trainers to help maximize your results.


Educated industry leaders committed to your results.


Facebook Group dedicated to motivating, educating and inspiring progress.


Internal strength, diet and health challenges.


LEAN is the product of a collective 50+ years in the fitness industry. Compared to most “bodybuilding” or other “fat loss” programs, LEAN creates a balanced regime of Speed movements, agility training, mobility work and isolation movements.


  • Logical progression, structured specifically for your goals
  • Guidance and support through expert coaching and a solid community
  • Teaches you how to train and eat properly so that you can maintain the body you build
  • Removes all guesswork by providing a comprehensive program


Every single professional athlete physique competitor and bodybuilder uses a well thought out, science-based approach to their training.

What I’ve created is the aggregate of years of field-testing and research. This leaves you with no guesswork, knowing that I’ve tried dozens of methods with thousands of clients until the team and I landed on the best one.

Lean is the hand selected training style consisting of all the methodology,
exercises and programming I’ve used for years to achieve a great base physique before competing in bodybuilding.


A stronger muscle is a bigger muscle. This is especially true for a natural lifter. You must be constantly overloading the muscle to get it to adapt and grow. Going into the gym without a plan, chasing the pump and never getting stronger is a waste of your hard work. If you are using performance enhancing drugs you might be able to get away with it. If you are a natural lifter, you must use training techniques scientifically proven to get you stronger and build muscle at the same time.


  • Solo
    $127 Month
    • LEAN Programming
    • Performance and progress tracking w/programming software
    • LEAN Philosophy
    • LEAN Program Itinerary
    • Exclusive tip and trick videos for training and nutrition
    • Nutrition Worksheet: We set you up with customized macro guidelines - exactly how much to eat
  • Swoldier
    $247 Month
    • Everything in our Pro Program plus...
    • Weekly Check-In With Expert Coach
    • Weekly Monitoring of Nutrition Progress and Revisions to Plan

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How long is the program?

BIG and  LEAN are both ongoing programs. There is an initial 90 day commitment to the program, after which you will have the option to continue on for as long as you would like.

When does it start?

Currently, we open enrollment every 90 days.

How is the program delivered?

The program is hosted in an app (as well as on our website) where you can view daily workouts, warm-ups and exercise demo videos. It is released weekly and through daily email reminders.

What type of gym should I use while on this program?

The programming can be accomplished in most standard gyms.

What equipment will I need?

As long as you have the basics (barbell, bench, squat rack, pull-up bar, dumbbells and some basic machines) you will be able to get the majority of the program done. Substitutions can be provided if you are missing a piece of equipment.

What fitness level is this program for?

Any fitness level can complete this program because all of the programmed weights are based off each individual’s one rep maxes. As long as you have a grasp of most basic lifts you will be good to go!

Will I receive a meal plan?

You will receive the option to choose from four different nutrition plans. There is a complete explanation of the plan, who it is best for, how to execute it and also a macro calculator to determine your specific macronutrients for each day. We do not, however, provide specific meal plans. We help you determine the macros you need to eat each day — and you get to choose what you eat to reach those!

How many days a week will I be training and how long will each session take?

You will train six days per week on this program. Each session will take between 90 minutes – 2 hours to complete.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel by emailing support@stevecookhealth.com after your 3-month commitment has ended.

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