Looking to Get Shredded and in the Leanest Shape of Your Life?

I will share the secrets and techniques I used to get ready to grace the covers of these magazines and more!

First let me tell you that this is NOT the same program as BIG

Lean is about melting fat and getting Cut…

If you’re tired of having your weight fluctuate or having 20lbs stand in the way of your abs finally showing through…

Then stay here..

Because if you’re like most men and women, you probably wish you had a little less body fat.

I’m not talking about pounds on a scale or hitting new max sets on the squat rack… I’m talking about shedding the fat that has plagued you for most of your life.

Let’s be real, you’ve started and stopped a dozen times trying to lose the fat.

You’ve probably taken about 9 different before shots..

But never achieved Your “AFTER” shot look.

Bottomline is, you know how you want to look and you want to get there…

…I know what you want to look like and can Get You There

Whether you’ve started and stopped a dozen times doesn’t bother me.  I’m not going to tell you this program isn’t for you.

It absolutely is for you!

Because you still haven’t found what you’re looking for… But I bet you’re ready to find a permanent solution.

I know it’s tough, because I’ve been there and know how hard it can be to lose extra fat…

I’ve put this LEAN program together to help you melt the fat NOW and more importantly KEEP the fat OFF FOREVER!

Here’s why it works so well…

I have competed on the world’s top stages using this formula and have helped THOUSANDS of athletes reach their goals and break through plateaus with this information.

But that’s not all…

I’ve also teamed up with two of the best minds in the industry to add some science and FACTS to the program.

In fact, one of the creators has trained some of the best athletes on the PLANET!!!

You’ll get world class training delivered to your phone or tablet INSTANTLY

This is a step-by-step program designed to teach you correct form and function, so you aren’t wasting any time.

This program is brand new!

But it also follows the same winning formula I used in my BIG program, which has helped hundreds of athletes just like you reach their fitness goals!!

If you’ve never given BIG a try because you were looking to shed the fat and get shredded…

This program is 100% for you.


Here’s what’s inside:

The Lean Program

We all use our phones to listen to music with at the gym and help us get in the zone!

Now turn it into your own personal trainer.

Each day you will have a specific workout designed to hit different parts of the body.

But get ready, because the sets are intense and the rest periods are even quicker… You’ll thank me later.

The App
  • 30 second instructional videos show you how to properly execute each lift and workout
  • The exact set and rest time allotted for maximum efficiency
  • Completely customizable to match your day and goals
  • Extremely user-friendly design with simple navigation
  • Certified Nutritionist tips and secrets
  • Exact meal prep formulas
  • Snacks and other foods to substitute
  • Breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner meal plans

Here’s What’s Waiting Inside For You….

A Comprehensive Training Program To Melt Your Fat and Shred Your Physique

Watch Videos and Master the Technique for each lift and movement.

Join In the LEAN Community.

  • Learn from those who have done the program.
  • Ask your questions and share feedback
  • Post inspiring progress
  • Support others and grow together

Gain Insights and Learn Exclusive Tips and Tricks Steve and the other coaches have learned along the way

How to target specific muscle groups

Unique workouts to strengthen weaker areas of the body

Stretching and warm-up MUST DOs

Learn Philosophy about why LEAN Works and How it Can Work For You

Understand the Science and Research behind the program

PLUS… Weekly Check-ins and Accountability

Learn what it means to be accountable from your expert trainer and coach

How to set goals that are attainable and achievable

Gain insights and have questions answered

Now that you know a bit more about what you can expect from LEAN..

Let me share a bit more about the trainers and coaches behind the scenes who created LEAN



Steve Cook is one of the most recognizable faces in the Fitness Industry. He is best noted for being an IFBB pro Men’s Physique Competitor, Optimum Nutrition and Spokes Model, international fitness personality as well as the founder of Swoldier Nation. Playing football for Dixie State College and earning a BS degree in Integrated Studies (Biology/Psychology) gave Steve the foundation and experience to achieve a successful career in competitive bodybuilding. Steve has always excelled in fitness, winning the Muscle and Fitness Male Model Search, FitBody Contest, BodySpace Spokesmodel Search, and then moving on to become the 3rd person EVER to obtain his Men’s Physique Pro Card, 1st EVER Men’s Physique Competitor to qualify for the Mr. Olympia, and much more.



Michael is best known for his competitive Crossfit career, in which he competed at the Crossfit Games 3 years in a row. In 2012 and 2013, his team won the World Championship becoming the only team to do so back to back. Cazayoux started his coaching career at Southern Utah University where he was a strength and conditioning coach for the football, gymnastics, soccer, and track and field teams. Following his time at SUU, he assisted with multiple teams at Louisiana State University, working with future MLB and NFL players. Michael has worked with Olympians, Crossfit Games athletes, and everything in between. He is also CSCS, USAW, FMS certified and is writing his Master’s Thesis in Sports Performance and Conditioning.



Jake was named a freshman All-American as he played for the Utah State Aggies. After being courted by every single NFL team, he became plagued by foot injuries. After having surgery on BOTH feet, he lost the opportunity to play in the NFL. In his pro day, he weighed 250 lbs. was about 7% bodyfat, ran a 4’5″ 40 yard dash, bench pressed 225lbs for 48 reps (3 short of the all time record), and jumped over 40″. A freak. After that he started his coaching career at Southern Utah University, where he worked with football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and track and field teams. Jake is also CSCS, USAW, FMS certified and is writing his Master’s Thesis in Sports Performance and Conditioning. His specialty is in hypertrophy (muscle gain) and fat loss.


LEAN is the product of a collective 50+ years in the fitness industry. Compared to most “bodybuilding” or other “fat loss” programs, LEAN creates a balanced regime of Speed movements, agility training, mobility work and isolation movements.


  • Logical progression, structured specifically for your goals
  • Guidance and support through expert coaching and a solid community
  • Teaches you how to train and eat properly so that you can maintain the body you build
  • Removes all guesswork by providing a comprehensive program


Every single professional athlete, physique competitor and bodybuilder uses a well thought out, science-based approach to their training.

What I’ve created is the aggregate of years of field-testing and research. This leaves you with no guesswork, knowing that I’ve tried dozens of methods with thousands of clients until the team and I landed on the best one.

Lean is the hand selected training style consisting of all the methodology, exercises and programming I’ve used for years to achieve a great base physique before competing in bodybuilding.


A stronger muscle is a bigger muscle. This is especially true for a natural lifter. You must be constantly overloading the muscle to get it to adapt and grow. Going into the gym without a plan, chasing the pump and never getting stronger is a waste of your hard work. If you are using performance enhancing drugs, you might be able to get away with it. If you are a natural lifter, you must use training techniques scientifically proven to get you stronger and build muscle at the same time.

Start Lean Today

A $315 Value
  • LEAN Programming ($149/month value)
  • Performance and progress tracking through programming software ($69/month value)
  • LEAN Philosophy ($29 value)
  • LEAN Program Itinerary ($29 value)
  • Exclusive tip and trick videos for training and nutrition ($39/month value)
  • Nutrition Worksheet We set you up with customized macro guidelines - exactly how much to eat (This does not include continued monitoring or tracking of progress) ($129 value)
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Available in:
A $630 Value
  • Everything in our Solo Program plus...
  • Access to the private LEAN Facebook Community ($119/month value)
  • Technique Video Analysis ($67/month value)
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Available in:
A $848 Value
  • Everything in our Pro Program plus...
  • Weekly Check-In With Expert Coach ($99/month value)
  • Weekly Monitoring of Nutrition Progress and Revisions to Plan ($119/month value)
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Available in:
What is LEAN and how is it different from other gym workouts?

LEAN is results-based workout program that Steve Cook created with the help of Michael Cazayoux and Jake Hutton. LEAN is a BRAND NEW program offered in Sessions by Steve Cook that targets fast fat loss and offers a complementary nutrition plan to help expedite success. The program features a fully developed program that covers everything from nutrition to specific workouts. The program offers specialized training and insights that the creators used to get in top physical condition. The program creates a balanced regime of heavy movements, agility training, mobility work, and isolation movements. LEAN gives you all the success of personal trainer, without the hassle of personal trainer. LEAN is an inclusive program that incorporates coaching, lifestyle, nutrition, community and accountability.

How fast can I expect to see results?

Results will vary based on discipline and effort put into the program. Remember, this program is comprised of techniques and workouts that were used by all the creators to get in top physical shape. If you follow the program you may begin to see results within the first few weeks. You ultimately decide how quickly you will see your results.

How long does the program last?

LEAN is designed to be a 12-month program. The main purpose behind LEAN is to help you get shredded, melt fat away, maintain it, and promote a healthy lifestyle. This change and transformation often requires months of training to acquire. Many athletes stay with the program for the full 12 months.

Is there any special equipment needed?

No, you will need access to a gym though. LEAN’s training and workouts require a gym and basic weights. If certain weights are not available, you can substitute lifts and exercises for ones that are available to you.

I’m just starting out, will I be able to perform LEAN’s workouts?

Yes, the program will work for you even if you have never worked out. The program can be modified to match your specific experience level. LEAN provides tutorial videos on all the lifts included in the workouts. You will have to change the weight to match the reps, but most athletes already do this.

Can I change/switch my package (Solo, Pro, Swoldier) after I have already chosen one?

Yes, email with your request to change/switch plans, and he will take care of it for you.

Are there technique videos explaining how to perform each exercise correctly?

Yes, If you click the exercise on your workout, you will see a place to input your numbers as well as a button that looks like a camera. If you click on the camera button, a video of the exercise will come up. There are also videos on your TeamBuildr dashboard explaining how to go through the workouts, including the giant sets.

Are there videos explaining how the workouts are structured?

There are videos on your TeamBuildr dashboard explaining how the workouts are structured.

I have bad knees. Do I have to do the running?

You can bike, use an air dyne, elliptical, or whatever form of cardio you prefer.

Can I print the workouts?

If you go to your TeamBuildr and click workouts, there will be a little button that looks like a printer in the top right corner. If you click the button it will give you the option to print either the day or the entire week of workouts.

Are the payments per month or is it a one-time payment?

The payments are per month. It is a twelve-month program, so there will be twelve payments. The day of the month that you register and submit the first payment is the day of the month that you will be charged for each month thereafter. (ex. If you submit the first payment on April 24th, then the following charges will be May 24th, June 24th, etc.)

When will I be charged each month?

The day of the month that you register and submit the first payment is the day of the month that you will be charged for each month thereafter. (ex. If you submit the first payment on April 24th, then the following charges will be May 24th, June 24th, etc.)

When will the workouts be posted for each week?

Every Sunday you will receive programming for the next 7 days (starting the day before your program begins). You will receive an email each morning at 1am PST with your workout for that day.  This is subject to change, but you will be notified of any and all changes.

My gym is very busy. How should I do the supersets and giant sets if the machines are being used?

You can turn giant sets into supersets with machines that are really close to each other. You can modify it so that you are doing similar movements (working the same muscle group) but with dumbbells, barbells, another machine, etc. The exact exercise isn’t what is important, you just want to make sure you choose a movement that is working the same muscle group. The important part is that you are going near failure on whatever movement you are doing, maintaining proper form, and being strict with rest periods. You can do the same thing with super sets.

I forgot my login information for TeamBuildr. How can I reset my password?

You can reset your password by clicking here and typing in your email. You will then receive an email from TeamBuildr allowing you to reset your password.

Will anything come to my doorstep?

No, LEAN is entirely online and everything will be emailed to you via your sign up email.  The community forum, workout tutorials, nutritional guide, and the actual workouts are all found online.  If for some reason you do not receive the sign up email, please notify us at

I have another question that wasn’t covered here – how can I find an answer?

We are always happy to answer any questions that you may have.  Please email for any inquires.

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